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'Terry for Chelsea Manager'........Jeff Stelling


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A lot of people were having fun on Twitter after the Champions League victory saying that John Terry has now played one and won one as Chelsea manager, and that he took himself off before the end of the game so he could have a look at things from the bench.

However, Terry admitted last April that he would love to manage Chelsea one day - and I see very few reasons why he couldn't take over this summer.

I know that, at 31 years of age, he is young - and, okay, Andre Villas-Boas wasn't a great advocate for youthful managers in his time at Stamford Bridge - but that's not necessarily a weakness.

Kenny Dalglish was only 34 when he became player-manager at Liverpool in the '80s, Pep Guardiola was 37 when he started to manage



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Thoughts...firstly...edit the title of this thread...

Secondly....I see no reason why the cheating, lying, ex con, thug cannot be manager of Chelsea, they would be well suited to each other.

Awful club, awful supporters, prize ***** of a bloke.........perfect.

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If found not guilty in court, in a few years time why not, 31 is a bit young, has he even taken his badges yet?

Found guilty in court I think he'd find it difficult to go into management with that hanging over him.

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