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The Abyss

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Daz 3D sell a variety of 3D applications and a lot of content. Yes, they've made some expensive software free for a limited time and you should register and download the software.

They do a lot of content for Poser but have recently been marketing their Genesis platform in Daz Studio - this is a generic base figure which can be morphed into a wide range of characters and the content provided will work regardless of which figure you create. Previously when Daz released male and female characters, clothing for one figure wouldn't always work on the other figure. Genesis resolves this. I think Daz are trying to get more people onto their platform with the intention of being able to push Genesis to a larger market - you have to pay for the Genesis content.

In addition they've made Bryce 7 Pro (landscape generation) and Hexagon 2.5 (3D modeller) free for a limited time.

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