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Credit it wheres it due!

Red Elvis

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Hey ADMIN not getting my email notifications again:mad:

If you don't want me here just say it, not my fault you struggled this season, but I did warn you!

Mrs Fate, has informed me that sooner or later you boys will regret the p taking of crowds at the CG and League One!

Remember who told you!

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We will always take the p out of Forest. Small club realy....

So it makes it easier being dominant over Forest because we can laugh and laugh away all the time we want. And they will keep coming back claiming how great they are...

Small minds

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Originally posted by Red Elvis;14045

Well, thats it gloves off;)

Forest are today as great as Derby are!, MINUS ONE POINT!

But you have been great for 3years ish and us 18.

The next chapter is Destiny for Forest. SOL you will believe!

haha, thought that would get an easy reaction out of you! lol

Mehhh, we will see i guess. Poxy club and there empty red seats, notts forest.

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Originally posted by Red Elvis;14050

You filled the AWAY End lol

Essien scored for Chelsea great volley:D

Yes i remember, we filled out your extra allocation very quickly....

im sure it will be a day to remember for a century or two when you actualy fill all those empty red seats....

good luck with that.

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