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Football League Show


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There is no way they will give up match of the day and the league show is *****. If you put that standard of show on at a ridiculously late time of course no-one is going to watch it! It is a shame that the Beeb will not be doing it anymore as I don't like ITV but if they can put out a semi-decent program at a realistic time then fair enough.

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Who's going to tell me how Shrewsbury were formed, or how Luton Town "first began their football life playing here, at Clemisanob Road"

"So Leroy, A good win for Derby then?"

"Yes, Nigel Clough will be happy, Grayson will be a little dissapointed"

"A great win for Barnsley, Steve?"

"Yeah, John Buttermelt is a good player"

"So Steve, some much needed pts for Burnley?"

"It's exactly what they needed. Now they can try and win again next week"

"We saw a good performance from Leicester there Steve in THE east midlands Derby"

"A great performance. Andy King has looked a little out of form lately and has perhaps let his work rate drop. If we look at his workrate in this footage you'll see how he tracks back... now in this footage from last weeks huge clash with Coventry we can see he didn't quite show the same determination. Also if you look a Nugents movement....."

I wont miss it. Ramsplayer and BBC online do me.

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