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Is it last season of buy mobiles too??

Also hope it's last season of that doncasters on the back of the shirt too,

Derby county having Doncaster on the back of the shift just seems wrong to me!!

And whilst we are at the sponsorship table lets get some in for the stands, north, east, south and Toyota and Pirelli corner do my box in!!

Let's get something decent instead of north south n east!! We need a pop side or something, something to make it different!!

You'll walk into the pop side, you'll hear a mighty roar!!

Sounds a little better than,

You'll walk into the EAST STAND!! Bloody east, how adventurous was that when we named em!!

The board say they wanna make us a "global" brand, well there is a opportunity there, don't wanna change the ground name though as pride park is good, though not fitting...

And breathe

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Newcastle went to Puma after their Adidas contract expired.

Hopefully we'll do the same.

Puma seem to have the same policy on how frequently they release a new kit though so we'll still have all different kits every season if we get them.

But they made some brilliant kits when we last had them.


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