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Zonal marking


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It seems to me that derby no longer mark players as such and have taken up the tactic of zonal marking, ( this what it looks like to me)

This is allowing almost every team come to pride park and seemingly dominate possession against us, always leaving us on the back foot,

The amount of space teams have against us is unreal, wether its the defence, midfield, or attackers they have plenty of space to collect the ball turn and run at us!!

When we were on our good run at the start of the season everyone was commenting how hard our defence and midfield worked for one another snapping like a jack Russell at the oppositions heels to win the ball, Bryson was noted as the engine!

Since we seem to be marking areas instead of me it all seems to have stopped, has anyone else noticed this or is it just me noticing it more now that we are not doing so well ??

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