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Fifa bans England players from wearing a poppy against Spain


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If the FA wanted to have a poppy on the shirts then they should just have gone ahead and done it, no fuss, no explanation or apology, just done it.

Somehow, I couldn't see FIFA banning us from the World Cup for it.

The FA are scared little men pandering to corrupt little men.

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War veterans have condemned Fifa for refusing to allow England to display a poppy on their shirts for the team's friendly against Spain on Saturday.

Fifa rules prevent any changes being made to the home kit.

George Batt, general secretary of the Normandy Veterans' Association, has described the decision as "disgraceful".

He said: "I'm lost for words. I can't see any harm in wearing a poppy. It's so sad.

"You surely don't need rules and regulations in Fifa like this?

"I would think about 90% of the population wear them [poppies].

"I think it's a bit childish because, after all is said and done, if it wasn't for us blokes, Fifa wouldn't be here."

The players will instead wear poppies on their training kit at Wembley before auctioning it off for charity.

An Football Association spokesman said: "The FA are proud supporters of our armed forces and we are only too pleased to recognise those that have sacrificed their lives for the nation.

"The England senior team will proudly wear poppies on their training kit and all our staff and representative teams will stop to observe the Armistice Day silence."

A spokesman for Fifa said: "Fifa fully acknowledges the significance of the Poppy Appeal and the ways in which it helps commemorate Remembrance Day on 11 November each year.

"As a multinational organisation comprising over 50 different nationalities, the significance of this date will also be observed by many of its employees, who will remember family members too.

"Fifa's regulations regarding players' equipment are that they should not carry any political, religious or commercial messages.

"Fifa has 208 Member Associations and the same regulations are applied globally, and uniformly, in the event of similar requests by other nations to commemorate historical events."

The governing body added that a minute's silence would be held prior to kick-off on Saturday.


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The poppies are printed onto the shirts, it's one of few things that's been good in the modern game.

The respect for the armed services and their sacrifices past and present is well done by all football clubs and their fans.

I was at Aldershot last tuesday watching the Brewers and the 'Shots' even incorporated the Gurkhas in one of their songs.

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or banking Nazi gold and loot

Or, equally, banking our wealth? Switzerland's been neutral for centuries, in case you hadn't heard.

Back to the matter in hand, if I were an England striker I'd have a shirt with a whopping great printed on it, and reveal it if I scored.

I get that when Israel play Lebanon you can't have either team displaying religious messages when they celebrate, but come on, this is Europe and the Poppy is a symbol of peace and rememberance.

Didn't Kaka also get done for that shirt that said "I belong to Jesus"?

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No poppies? Fook it then, i'd have '2 world wars and 1 world cup' emblazoned across the shirts. That and rename wembley to 'fook off fifa stadium' for the day.

As others have suggested, I wouldnt pay any attention to what fifa tells us that we can and can't do.

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I wouldn't give a damn what fifa want, i personally prefer the white poppy to the red one but either one should be worn on the shirts. We do this to remember our dead and to pay our respects for those who have died fighting so that we can have the freedoms we enjoy today what on earth is wrong with that? what next, ban the minute silence?

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So FIFA are the latest ones to get the arse on over Poppies. There's quite a few shops been using the excuse "Staff not to wear a poppy, it's against uniform regs". What utter ******!! I read of 3 such cases last week, one of them being Poundland.

It's saddening to think that there looks to be a growing trend against wearing a symbol which represents the freedom and choice we all have now. Taking away a persons choice to wear one is wrong IMO.

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Reminiscent of a few years ago when some local councils banned St George's flags on St George's day on the off-chance that it might offend foreign people and ethnic minorities.

Seriously, WTF?!

An ironic, and cruel twist of fate that those who's bravery deserves remembrance is being threatened by those who have all the courage of a bowl of custard.

Some people need to stop pandering to the PC brigade and start developing a spine. *****.

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