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Modern Warfare 3


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Contradicting what we learned yesterday, those who decide to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 before release on Xbox 360 apparently are risking their Xbox Live accounts.

Xbox Live director of policy and enforcement Stephen Toulouse stated on Twitter yesterday that those who obtained a legitimate copy of the game -- which went on sale at certain stores ahead of its planned November 8 release -- were safe to play on Live. Since then, he has written a follow-up tweet stating Activision doesn't want people playing early and that doing so puts your account at risk.

"clarification: dblchk'd with Activision," he wrote. "Mw3 pre-release play not authorized. So pls be patient. Playing early may impact your account!"

It's not the greatest method for getting the word out as not everyone goes on Twitter or follows Toulouse. At the same time, what he said is no guarantee that your account will be immediately banned the second you get online, but the contradictory messaging is only going to lead to confusion over what is and isn't allowed. That's also not to mention how someone who legitimately buys the game early and goes home to play it isn't doing anything wrong -- it isn't their fault the game was sold early.

In addition to the stores that began selling it this week, copies have hit places like eBay and Craigslist. One eBay auction for an Xbox 360 version in particular (via Joystiq) saw 88 bids that reached $1,725. Whether the buyer will actually play that exorbitant amount for a game coming in just a few days' time -- let alone a game that could get you banned -- is unclear, but the winning bidder was not the only person willing to bid hundreds of a dollars for an early copy.


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Did my good deed and picked up a copy for a mate - only I had to quality test it for him before I let him have it tomorrow.

Got it from Sainsbury's. About the 10th person there and not too busy. On the way home I drove past Tesco and 2 Asda's, both looked rammed as they were queuing out the doors.

Not touched SP, straight into MP - menu graphics look a bit cartoony, but no major gripe. Love some of the maps already. Paris is good, the London underground map is mayhem, Arkaden is fun. Pretty much used the M4A1 exclusively so far, ranked it up to about level 15, and overall I've ranked to 17.

Prestige shop - you can only unlock equipment once you've prestiged once.

You get one token for each previous game that you've prestiged on, and your tag includes the prestige symbols for the previous games that you've done it in, ie. I've prestiged in CoD4, W@W, MW2 and BlOps, and I get 4 little prestige symbols to the level that I'd prestiged to, ie. CoD4 gets a little gold cross. Nice touch.

I can certainly see why people are saying that it's a cross between CoD4 and MW2 - air support's still rife, but it's easier to avoid as you unlock Bline Eye fairly early on.

Enjoying it so far.

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Well I've dragged meself out of my sick bed and been to Asda to pick it up for the girls this morning. £38.97. What a lovely mother I am.

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Love it! not had too bad of a start either. Felt abit sluggish but soon got into the hang of things. Feels more like CoD4 with a MW2 skin.

Played for 3hrs, rank 29, 21 wins 1 loss, 1.79 k/d and 17 killstreak.

Kill confirmed is quality, mental in ground war and full of dumbass snipers who are looking for trickshots...fools.

Spawns seemed messed up at the start but I like it, not seen many people camping due to being spawned right into the action, no time to go hide in the corner.

Maps are quality, nice and small but not too small. The London Underground one probably stands out the most for some reason.

Not tried all the weapons yet, pretty much stuck to the UMP with the FMG6 as secondary, that thing has tons of recoil but when you get used to it its deadly close range.

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