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Giving the bird


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[url=http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/99031/Holiday-Brit-jailed-in-Dubai-for-flicking-middle-finger.html]ANGRY holiday Brit Mike Parry flicked the finger at a speeding driver who nearly knocked him

down in Dubaiâ€â€and got locked up in a stinking jail for a MONTH.

Company boss Mike, 25, told last night how he reacted in shock when the car

narrowly missed him as he crossed the road.

But then it screeched to a halt and a group of Arab youths leapt out. They told him his

gesture was against the law and demanded he hand over around £1,800 â€â€or they’d call the police.

Mike said: “It was aggressive driving, I was forced to jump out of the way. I apologised for giving them the finger but refused to pay them. It was clear they were only trying to extort money.

“In the end I said, ‘Fine, call the police’ as I felt sure they’d side with me. But when the officers turned up they first asked if I’d had any alcohol.

“It was midnight. As I’d had a couple of glasses of wine with lunch and a couple of beers later I said yes. But I certainly wasn’t drunk.


“Then they wanted to know if I’d made the gesture. I admitted it and explained why but they arrested me. I was handcuffed and taken for a blood test  it was really scary.â€Â

Then, only 36 hours into his four-day sunshine break, events firm boss Mike was charged under the Muslim state’s strict decency laws and slung in the slammer.

He said: “I’d gone to Dubai for the first time with three mates to celebrate one’s birthday  but it turned into a nightmare. I knew the rules were strict but I didn’t realise people took mortal offence at being shown the finger  and in their eyes I was also a criminal for even touching alcohol.â€Â

Mike, from London, spent three days with 255 other inmates in a detention centre built for just 40. Then he was given a trial date for six weeks later, released without his passport and told not to leave the country.

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Like this you mean

Fire Engines will have to have a least one firewoman on board in order to meet the diversity guidelines town hall leaders claimed.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has said that at at least 15 per cent of those in operational roles should be female.

That means they will fill one of the five or six places for crew on each engine.:mad:

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