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forum down?


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We are allowing away fans to post on the forum although the Rams Talk board is for Derby County fans only. As long as they respect the forum and the rules we have no problem with them, although we will not tolerate WUM's and they will be banned immediately.

Don't forget there is the ignore option, stick the username in and none of their posts will be visable to you.

To be honest, you won't hear from them after tonight, they'l be to busy licking their wounds.

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I agree, and it was one of the main reasons for the breakaway. We did think about banning away fans completely although there are some decent fans out there who do like to have a chat and banter before a game.

We do have a Yellow and Red card system, 2 Yellows and your off, although WUM's will be treated the same as a two footed challenge, straight Red.

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