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according to 442


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Originally posted by David;12009

5 Kris Commons - Derby

4 Stephen Hunt - Reading

3 Michael Kightly - Wolverhampton Wanderers

2 Kevin Doyle - Reading

1 Sylvain Ebanks-Blake - Wolverhampton Wanderers

Vicky posted the full list a couple weeks ago and you posted in that thread aswell Dan, sorry lol /ohmy


Looks right but if commo would have played all season and added a few more goals to his total he might be higher up the list.

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He's lucky to have made 5th to be honest, under Jewell he played well in patches, it wasn't until Clough came in and played him in the hole that he started to put in full match performances and impressed.

When you look at players such as Beckford at Leeds who has been consistent all season and been 36th place Commons is lucky to be 5th.

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