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Three best players this season


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Brayford played every minute and never had a bad game. Barker Not trained properly all season but by far best defender we have. Commons only played half a season but his goals have helped us stay in this league shame he didn't stay.

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I personally think Bueno deserves a mention. He might not like the fight too much, and can be prone to getting kicked off the ball in the wrong type of match, but his passing ability is excellent. Sadly hasn't played enough to make a real contribution throughout the whole season, but the potential is so clearly there. I wish we could have him next season, but I fear it's not to be.

Brayford makes the list, hands down. Even when he has had a bad game or made a mistake - and Watford away springs to mind, when he was at fault for their third - he has shown great strength of character.

For visible impact on the team, Fielding was excellent. He gave the back four much more confidence, and his distribution is excellent.

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Brayford, Commons, Green, Savage, Barker.

I was looking at the appearences stats a few weeks ago.

I was amazed to see brayford had played every minute of very game, equally amazed that barker has only missed one game. I thought there were so many more when we were missing him in the centre of our defence.

Other players with high number of starts, and thus bringing us a bit of stability where Savage and Green.

Half of our fans may want rid of savage, but for a 36 year old, at least he isnt injury prone!

Cywka has played an amazing amount of games this season too

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All the B's



-Barker :D

I have to say I totally agree with this selection. CLough did a good job picking these up on his budget and Brayford and Bailey for two young players who have had to prove themselves not only to their team mates but to the fans who were unsure of them, they have stepped up to the mark and proved them wrong

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