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Fans may honour Clough and Taylor


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A statue of Derby County legends Brian Clough and Peter Taylor could be built outside the club's Pride Park stadium.

Rams supporter Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa, who is behind the project, said the pair's achievements should be honoured.

He said he would be meeting representatives from the football club to discuss forming a committee to begin fundraising for the project.

Clough and Taylor had a six-year spell at the Rams from 1967, winning the Division One title in 1972.

'Great achievement'

There are already statues of Brian Clough in Nottingham and Middlesbrough.

Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa said he hoped to see Derby's statue built within the next two years.

"It's not just a case that Nottingham's got one and Derby needs one too or claiming Brian Clough and Peter Taylor for Derby - it's about recognising the great achievement in a magical six-year spell at Derby," he said.

Nottingham's bronze statue of the legendary Forest manager was unveiled in the Old Market Square in November after fans raised £60,000 for the tribute.

Clough won two European Cups with the Nottingham club.

He died at the age of 69 in September 2004 from stomach cancer.


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im glad to see that the derby public realise it took two to make them what they were!

without a doubt taylor played a part in a managerial partnership that in my own personall opinion was the best this country has seen , or will ever see.

look at the honours they share between them!

magnificent! super , tremendous, remarkable

words cannot describe what these two men have contributed to english football!

im proud to have been a part of it , no doubt the forest fans are too!!

they were the best and deserve all the recognition that they get

r i p to both men .

lets hope his son can be 1/4 as good as his old was.

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PTR has had alot of stick over this, I think he deserves alot of credit for dedicating his time to this statue. Yes he may have gone abit overboard at times on forums and put a few peoples backs up over it, he is clearly passionate about getting this statue and should be applauded for his hard work.

Although I'm glad he's shut up about the Damned United now.

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Originally posted by JoeMadRam;10506

If this goes through, we should petition for a statue of Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa outside PPS.

"I want no epitaphs of profound history and all that type of thing. I contributed - I would hope they would say that, and I would hope somebody liked me"

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