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Tom Glick Late Kick off interview - wants play-offs


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A quick summary

He does say that he wishes they could run a balanced football club. But also says that right now the club needs more money.

Asked about asset stripping - but states that investors have put money in (North of £24m) so not asset stripping because money is coming in.

We have higher revenues so are losing a lot less than other clubs. The football industry needs to find a better business model but we cant afford to wait for that to happen (hinting at a need to invest now)

Need to provide a healthy football club, but win at the same time.

Didnt like him saying that soem of the investors think this "is a bit of fun", but they expect to win and dont want to lose masses amount of money.

Glick states that he has put some of his own money into the club - so he can think and act as an owner and be a bit sharper with his decision making.

When asked whether the refun offer is spin he says that August his here quickly and they will pay the price quickly if it were just spin. He says it is a statemement of intent and they want to be jusged by their actions.

If we get into the mix for the top 6 if would be incredibly satisfying. They need to keep investing and bring in better players.

Nigel is the right man for the job because he is dedicated, hard working, great with the players and totally committed to the football club. This year they are going to give him some more tools, money to work with.

GLick and CLough are in the hotseat in terms of being responsible for performance and they are not happy with the squad this year

On the History of the CLough name - Glick doesnt believe in Fairy tales, CLough is not here because of his name. If he is succesful then it would be special for all concerned with the club

Finally - we are serious, we are not where we want to be. Not satisfied with how things are despite the money that has gone in. It will need more to move forward and they are going to be spending it this summer to put together a team to challeng the top 6.

Apologies for the paraphrasing was typing whilst listening.

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Last nine words when asked for his closing words to the fans: "... you should be a part of it next season."

An excellent 12-minute season ticket sales speech.

Will people ever give this guy a break?

Even turns out he has invested some of his own money in the club, although I'm sure that will be called spin or a gimmick to increase season ticket sales.

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