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We might aswell just have a running thread throughout the year of all the updates on Mario Balotelli.. I wonder if he knows Stephen Bywater.

Anyway here goes.

Manchester City are to hold a meeting on Monday to discuss Mario Balotelli's disciplinary issues after he was caught throwing darts from a first-floor window.

Balotelli said in the People that he threw the darts in the direction of youth players because he was "bored". Nobody was hurt during the incident and ESPNsoccernet has been informed that the club view the incident as a misguided prank rather than a serious transgression.

However, Balotelli has continued to attract negative press since leaving Inter in the summer and was fined two weeks' wages for his dismissal in the Europa League game against Dynamo Kiev. Roberto Mancini held the forward responsible for City's failure to overturn the 2-0 deficit from the first leg and described his actions as "stupid".

ESPNsoccernet understands that Mancini was not aware of this latest incident on Sunday morning as he had been away from the club, but there was due to be a conversation between the board and the manager on Monday to bring him up to speed.

A club spokesman said: "The matter will be dealt with internally."What a guy eh!

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Throwing darts at academy kids because he was.....'bored'

Well I'm sorry Balotelli, I'm sorry that you can't find anything interesting to do with your time....I mean, you only earn £100,000+ k a week!!

This guy truly is unreal!!! Get him out of the bloody premiership......And football for good at this rate!!!. Sad thing is, someone will always pick him up because of his (over-rated) 'ability' but I'd love to see him in the dole queue in a few years realizing that his own childish actions have caused him to lose it all...................I can dream eh! :D

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Ah, Balotelli. A "troubled individual" who we should all feel sorry for or be frustrated with because he's got massive potential.

He's had a hard life?? How hard?

As hard as some of these Brazilian kids that light up World Cups and play with a smile on their face? Or as hard as some kids who have a lifetime of bullsh1t and wont ever be compensated with a multi-million pound contract and the world at their feet. Infact, all some of them will ever know is misery.

Balotelli is in a great position. He's shown everyone what he thinks of this opportunity he has. Let him be an unemployed troubled individual. He doesn't deserve anything. Certainly not sympathy.

Waste of space. Let him rot.

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Makes me laugh. It's a pre-season friendly, why not have a bit of a laugh when you're already on your way to winning? To be honest if he'd done it in the league then fair enough.

I'm tempted to say he'll be off in January but let's face it, the lad could start an argument in an empty room. All bread and butter (trying to find a Balotelli/butter pun, there's one in there somewhere) to him

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