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Curse of the broken foot


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Oops! How did you do that?

Make sure you keep yourself confined to the chair.

By the way, it's big news in Derby:

Derby County striker David will miss the rest of the season because of a broken foot.

The (unknown age)-year-old has suffered a hairline fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his right foot and will have an operation on Friday.

Rams manager Nigel Clough said: "It's a bitter shame as David was just starting to set regular first-team football.

"He will have his op and then need to concentrate hard on getting himself right for pre-season training."

Derby are already without Miles Addison and Paul Green for the final few weeks of the campaign with Dean Leacock also unlikely to figure until next season.


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Shower leaked the other day into the kitchen, noddy here walks in and goes arse over tit. Thought it was bruised and it'l be alreet, hop ran up the stairs to get my phone and I pulled up with a sharp pain. Went for a xray 5 hours later I was told its a tad bit broken.

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News just in.

My private detective, who was investigating David Dcfcfans for the inland revenue has sent me a message this morning.

It details on how David was getting fed up with all the posts regarding his apparent liking of his favourite armchair.

"During a recent match when Derby County played Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough, David Dcfcfans swapped his comfy armchair for a different system of support.

The rocking armchair seemed to be fine untill Robert Hulse, striker of Derby County scored a goal to put David Dcfcfans team in front.

David Dcfcfans lunged forward forgetting that his foot was underneath the right rail of his new rocking chair. Dcfcfans brought the whole weight of his bulk down on his foot resulting in this injury.

Dcfcfans was last seen jumping around doing somekind of dance and finally slumping back down into what looked like a rather stained single seated sofa."

The truth is out for everyone to see.

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