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Nominations for the Football League...


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I would give it to Adel Taarabt, really makes QPR ticket. Team of the year for the championship (if there is such a thing) would be Norwich. Looking at their squad I wonder how the hell they have maintained their form and league position.

Same here.

You look at Norwich team sheet and no player seems to have too much of anything to handle. All bog standard Championship players. Guess it's all down to confidence, attitude and management?? A good TEAM.

Taraabt would be a frightening player on an even bigger stage if he grew up a bit. Sometimes you look at what surrounds his genius and wonder if he's worth it. Warnock seems to think it is. Infact the table would suggest it's worth it too. Such a frustrating player though.

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Think that's. Tad harsh on Norwich. Grant Holt for one is exactly the type of forward that could hold the ball up AND score goals if he played for us. Would be an excellent signing. They have landsbury from arsenal as well who could get into most sides in this league and I would take hoolahan off their hands as well. Granted they are a teaam more than a group of individuals but still some good players.

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Norwich have so many comparisons to our promotion team it's frightening..

They have Grant Holt, who for me is remarkably similar to Steve Howard..

Lansbury on loan from an Arsenal, an attacking midfielder in the Lupoli mould..

They have a whinging Scot as there manager..

They've scored the most number of goals in the last 5 minutes of games in the league.

They play OKish football, certainly not as good as there top 6 contenders.. Forest even play better football IMO.

They set there stall out away from home not to lose, and have won many games by the odd goal.. Including alot of penalties.

To their credit they do score alot of goals, but should they fail to win promotion this year I expect them to drop down the table (not dramatically) next year, similar to Bristol Citys second season after the playoff defeat against Hull.

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