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Are you renewing your ticket next season?


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I want to not bothered about league as such but why should i invest if the board arent?

HAHAHA after radio derby finished after the boro game the 1st song theyve put on tonight is i will go down with this ship by dido! Are they throwing in the towel????

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For the question of:

Why should i put my money in when the board aren't.

The answer is:

Because you support Derby and they don't.

In the war of attrition that is our current situation, perhaps there's merit to incentivising our current owners to fook off by giving them a cashflow problem. Drastically reduced numbers of season ticket sales at the start of the season might just spur them on to call it a day.

Didn't have a season ticket this season, won't have one next season. For all GSE's protestations to the contrary, they've completely ruined the 'matchday experience'. Being towards the bottom of the league is one thing, and we've shouldered that many times before, but I can't ever remember as cowardly an approach as the one we take in games right now. I'm not paying to put myself through watching that I'm afraid.

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