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Is it a bird? is it a plane? noooo it's.....


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[sIZE=3]Mushy Malcolm Back At Pride Park![/sIZE]

Look out for the popular Mushy Malcolm at Pride Park Stadium this weekend.

The Mascot of Lockwoods Mushy Peas will be at Derby's npower Championship fixture with Barnsley on Saturday.

'Mushy Malc' will be giving away a host of goodies to supporters outside the ground prior to kick-off.

Fans will get an extra treat inside the stadium too as Lockwoods representatives will be giving away free samples of their Mushy Pea Bakes so you can 'try before you buy'!

Mushy Malcolm will also be at the Tesco supermarket in Mickleover on Monday 14th March between 4-5pm, where he will be joined by two Derby County first-team players in store for a signing session and to hand out discount vouchers for Lockwoods' Mushy Pea Bakes.



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What you god saking at? didn't you read the article? it says "Look out for the popular Mushy Malcolm"

He's back by popular demand, GSE are giving the fans what they want and you still complain. They canna win with you lot.

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