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Duke a real hazard for Watford


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With the news that Derby County are looking to squeeze the size of their 33-man squad and trim the wage bill comes the all too real possibility that high wage earners Nathan Ellington & John Eustace could well return to Vicarage Road in the summer.

Eustace, in fairness, looks less of a concern as he has started all 5 of the Rams games and was bought in by Nigel Clough so is clearly the type of player the gaffer likes but Watford might not be in such a fortunate position with flop Ellington mind you.

With money too tight to mention even the remote possibility of Duke lugging his massive salary back to WD18 will, no doubt, send shivers down the spines of the Vicarage Road money men.

The Hornets might even need to shell out another multi-million pound installment of cash they simply don`t have to West Brom as part of the ill-fated transfer agreement should the lackluster striker find his way back to Hertfordshire.

Worryingly, with a shocking return of 3 league goals in 27 league games, Ellington is 4th in the Pride Park pecking order of frontmen these days - behind Hulse, Porter and Villa - and has played just 27 minutes of Championship action in 2009!!!

Ok, so the Hornets might just be bailed out by the fact that technically he could become a free signing for Derby in the summer (especially given that, in their own words, they "paid a substantial loan fee" for him) but will they actually want him on the wage bill!

The truth of the matter is Watford certainly don`t!


Confused here, I thought we had paid a loan fee for Ellington and he would sign as a free at the end of the season. :confused:

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Checked on the O.S. it says ' A year long loan which Derby paid a substantial fee and he will become a Derby player on a free transfer at the end of the season. - Oh great another high earner who isn't playing but we are paying over the odd's for - will he be one of the high earners that Clough was talking about getting rid of? Another P.J. blunder come back to haunt us :mad:

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I thought he was free!

Such a shame he has been out of this team.

Some people love him, some people hate him I guess. A bit like Tito.

He has done well in the Carling Cup, scoring most of the goals providing Jewell's biggest achievement at this club getting to the semi-finals.

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