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Derby v Swindon Video's/DVD's

David Preece

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Hi all

Swindon Fan in peace. I'm trying to get hold of copies of a couple of matches between Derby and Swindon which were on TV in the 90's.

First one is the match at your place on Sunday 21st March 1993 when you beat us 2-1, the other was played at our place on Sunday 11th September 1994 when it ended 1-1.

I haven't got anything to swop apart from when you beat us 4-2 in December 92 at our place (and 4-2 was generous to us, you thrashed us that day, it was embarrasing),but i'd be happy to pay for copies of both of the above.

PS after the 4-2 drubbing you gave us in 92, i was driving back home on the A420 and got stuck in roadworks, there was a minibus behind me full of Derby fans, and some got out and went in front of my car with a Derby flag (my car was full of Swindon stickers), it gave me a smile and i needed it after that match :)

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