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Derby County v Hull City

Hucknall Ram

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23568 att.

Dark skies



that sounded just like bloommaker , and of course he was shouting all

that as the rams scored a 4th , and he did a M.T and R.D hits him on the

back of the head with a copy of...HOW NOT TO COMMENTATE !!!

well worn and thumbed thru that copy too.

oh,and dangerous is finally converted as he falls of his chair with delight..:D

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SKY m8e.

not on my bloominin telly .

not at them bloody prices, no sireeeeee.



oh , and repeat.

i'll stick with me wind up rad,oh , and this laptop thingy , bloody carboot


YES,bloody carboot rip-off , £5 bloody quid that kid charged for a sanyo

top of the range , then had the cheek to ask for £2 squid for a printer , just because it worked grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

oh , what colour is the SKY OUTSIDE...wait a mimit , OFFICER , ER CONSTABLE..............what colour is the sky outside ...look yerself you

lazy git he says ....pull the bars to one side .......urgh urgh ...oh , i see , pull the bars to.....cheeky bugger..........eeeeeerm PINK BOYCIE !why ?

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