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Cloughs A Red Not A Ram


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So why the hell do people care if he stays or goes? he doesnt owe derby anything, he doesnt know what we want, he was a forest player and has no ties with derby county! his old man did but these idiots who say hes the right man need to remember one thing! he isnt Brian! he doesnt talk like him, motivate his team like him! pick players like him! let brian rest in peace and look past the fact nigel is his son, im sure nigel wouldnt want people saying hes their because his dad is the reason we are a bigger club then we would have been , hed want to earn his stripes. Clough doesnt come across at all as bothered and last nights lack of effort and passion to wear the shirt shown that, Its like us takin over at forest!

Clough if you had any sense you'd walk. GSE or not you pick the players and you send them out to represent us! and your making us more of a joke then billy davies could ever do! :mad::mad:

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