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Nigel get back to basic 4-4-2 forget Methods


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You have a point we do need strikers but we were better second half with Cywka and Davies up front.

PS With 4-2-3-1 you do need a hold up player up front and that at the moment is a struggle for us

were we better or were leceister not playing as good?

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We couldn't have been any worse but we still didn't manage a shot on target in the whole match so hardly worth getting too excited about it lol.

I felt Leicester were in third gear most of the second half and never really thought we looked like scoring at any stage.

I think we need to go back to wingers, and a proper target man in the middle like Kuqi or Howard who can throw their weight about.

Plus get a proper ball winner and playmaker in midfield instead of people who do neither but just run around trying to look as though they are doing something useful.

Plus at the back Barker is good in the air but a cart horse on the floor so you need someone quick alongside him, I thought Addison played well but the blend isnt really right so maybe Ayala would be the answer at least in the short term if he has some pace and can bring the ball out.

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Well the next two away games will be hugely instrumental in whether its a relegation battle or perhaps mid table obscurity, if we don't pick up anything from either Ssausagehorpe or Sheff Utd it would certainly be time to worry!

I suppose draws at each would be satisfactory given the current points buffer, but its important not to set out with a negative mindset from the off as we saw yesterday.

Ssausagehorpe's weakness is mainly at the back so we need to take the game to them from the off.

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