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So people, are any of you here friends with any footballers on facebook?

I bought the topic up as I saw someone on Bailey's, with all these pictures with Derby players in a club. I then clicked on him and after I looked at some of the pictures, I saw that he wrote a status saying he was so happy .... the derby players hanged out with him for the night and bought him drinks. He has pictures with Bailey, Brayford, Barker, Buxton

I must admit I have alot of players on facebook,just to see what they say about the club etc

I have




Ryan Noble

Callum Ball

Medi Abalimba (might have deleted facebook?)


Javan Vidal

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Got Leacock, Deeney, Greeny, Barker, Moxey, Brayford, Bailey, Mendy, Sav, Taylor , Cywka , and some of the acadamy lads,

and no i'm not a stalker :D

Green hasn't accepted me

Barker hasn't accepted me

Savage one is fake

Brayford hasn't accepted me

Leacock has to many friends

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