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Benicassim Festival, Spain


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I went in 2002. It was brilliant and frustrating in equal measures.

It was ridiculously hot and they don't begin the bands until 5pm for that very reason and the last band ends at 6am. I saw The Cure then Muse followed by Radiohead then Belle & Sebastian finishing with Air playing Moon Safari as the sun rose. Which was unbelivable!

The frustration comes from the campsites which are concrete and despite being in much better condition than the ones in UK festivals its near impossible to sleep due to the hardness of floor and the heat and its right next to a train line so as you can imagine I had about 2 hours in about 72.

Depending on what bands you like I'd try Primavera instead. Benicassim as apparently gone down hill.

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I went in 2007, i echo the statement made about heat. It's probably adviseable to sleep in the afternoons in the shade, the campsites offer no comfort and people are still going long through the night.

People are generally friendly. We made friends with people from Switzerland, Australia, Spain and Amsterdam.

They sold a beautiful orange juice at the campsites, invest in that. I don't know if it's because of the climate, but i looked forward to those.

Apart from the holiday i went to see Animal Collective, who played at 6pm. It was probably one of the sweetest experiences i've had, the heat was dying down and they played such a chilled set in the tent. They had water spray machines in there which were perfect.

Not a big fan of The Artic Monkeys usually, but their set was brilliant and the crowd was packed to the brim at the main stage. So much so we had to climb the speaker stands to see anything, looking over the crowd was absolutely beautiful.

All in all, a great holiday, but don't get sun burn. You will regret it.

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im going to rockness this year a setting i think u will struggle to beat right on the banks of the water if your going to try the spannish one think u are better getting a hotel close by thats what i heard is the best bet . my mates went to beliguim 2 years ago said it was great rockwecker i think its called

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