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Clough to stay or go!?


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Before i start i love this club just as the next man & woman. I like man is fed up with everything that is happening at the club and just think enough is now enough

on one hand, we have a manager that when he came we all thought he will do well and because his surname is clough we all wanted to do well just to get one over on the forest fans if any. How ever he came here and we hammered blackpool with barker in their defence and we went on the 2 month run. The season was hit hard with injuries on my theory of derby county are not fit enough as we always seem to struggle last 10 minutes and thats why we let so many late in. How ever Hulse saved us and kept us up. Last season we had another 2 month spell seeing off newcastle forest and lesta and if we didnt win them i feared we'd go down. 3rd season under clough we are now looking at relegation and everyone keeps quoting this stupid "4th" dream , it was yet another 2 month spell of brilliant results. Now then, Clough for years has hammered players, luke moore i feel said what most players think, He said to commons prove to me your good enough being so neieve as to think he wont get a better one else where. Then there is the players yet bought for peanuts but u tell me derby county or blackpool? course u going to pick blackpool and they have our striker!! that clough doesnt rate. Likes of lee croft, martins etc for me, have made the board think twice about giving him millions like they did with paul jewell when he signed every player going. For me the board have used nigel clough as a gamble to get the wages down and i dont want to get into the convo of the board cause we all heard it before .

i just feel clough needs players to " push on " or use a striker to play at right back, and i feel the board dont trust nigel to go out and sign a league 2 player for millions. Cloughs always had bad patches and the un rest is bad, as well as hammering cwaka! how can someone hammer someone so bad after he signed him! he said he cant do it - he's the manager go and coach him them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clueless

I Think some things in life are just not ment to be and i think clough should resign if we have a bad result against sven

talk about it with yourselves but we all know if we go down 50 % will blame the board 50% will blame nigels sunday league tatics

clough for me should g, his scouts get lost outside burton and we need someone who is proven like geroge burley who has a great scouting network to really breathe life back into this great club

either way derby needs shaking up and i think a clean slate of board and manager

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