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nigels record now


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The recent bad run has damaged Nigels record.

His record is now worse than Colin Addison, Peter Taylor and Tommy Docherty.

But his record is still better than Terry Westley, Phil Brown, John Gregory, Colin Murphy, Paul Jewell and Colin Todd.

He has managed for 105 games. Same length of time as Addison, and just 2 less games than Burley.

He is currently 18th out of 26th in the league table of DCFC managers who have had more than a dozen games in charge.

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Blimey, never realised his record was that bad, and worse than The Doc's FFS.

Mind you, back when Tommy Docherty was Manager and we were really ****, selling all our best players :rolleyes:that was when I started drinking beer before games.

I've started drinking loads again now Clough is here. :frown:

Help! :confused:

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