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Valentine dinner


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Right for the first time ever im going to cook Mrs Neo a dinner what 3 courses should ensure a night of lust?

Suggestions please

If I were you Neo, I'd nip into M&S and get the set menu for 2 for about a tenner. 2 courses with wine and cook to instructions. Marks' advertise this in the run up to special occassions so keep your eyes on the telly. You could always buy something like ready made soup for the first course. It's all top notch food but for minimum effort.

If this is you're first time cooking and you want it to be special, I wouldn't embark on anything too ambitious but if you're really set on cooking it all from scratch, let me know and I'll PM some simple but top recipes for all 3 courses.

Hope Dav reads this thread, it might give him an idea or 3....:rolleyes:

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