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Could this be the first hole.......


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...in the premiership cash bubble.

We all know how much the Prmeiership relies on SKY TV money to survive. We also know that much of the value to SKY is due to excluisivity of broadcast within the UK.

Not all of you will have heard the story of the Portsmouth landlady who got arrested and charged for showing foreign sattlelite TV in her pob - she was found not guilty

She was later charged again for doing it on another date and this time found guilty and fined.

She appealed to the European Courts and they have overturned in principle (guidance given but not legally binding) it and said she was within her rights to do what she did.

This could mean that the exclusivity of SKY's Deal is broken within the UK and open up more matches for pubs to show and possibly reduce the value of Sky's package.


Possible end result - less money from SKY into the Prem and golden days over.

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One of them fought the first charge in the uK and lost, the other took up the second and won, now could have lost again. Not too sure which way round it was.

I find it amazing a person could be found not guilty of an offence one day, and then found guilty of the same charge for doing the same thing on a different day.

It would have more effect on the FA than SKY I think as it is more about the commercial showing of mathces - I doubt private homes would go to the trouble. Although it could open up more legal internet streaming options.

Sky will still get Sports customers for News and other sporting events. The FA could lose a lot of money out of this.

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Interesting clippet from David Bond's BBC blog post on the subject :-

"I have been sent an interesting note this morning from an analyst at Citigroup, which argues the advice from the European Court's advocate general yesterday could be very good news for Sky.

By effectively outlawing territorial exclusivity and opening up the market in each European country to competition from cheaper foreign providers, the amount Sky would have to pay for UK rights would fall.

That's bad for football and the Premier League but Citigroup says there's potentially another upside for Rupert Murdoch and Sky.

By scrapping country-by-country deals, the likely effect is that the Premier League would then sell their rights in one pan-European deal. That would play into the hands of Sky, which is one of only a handful of broadcasters big enough across Europe to take advantage of such a deal.

Sky, the note adds, has been arguing for a pan-European pay-TV platform for some time so, once again, the Premier League could play a central part in the expansion of Murdoch's media empire."

Full article is here :- http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/davidbond/2011/02/football_not_facing_tv_doomsda.html

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The cost of sky has gone from £2.50 per month to £1200 per month since it started sky sports 20 years ago (for pubs the amounts are, and the latter depends on capacity and screens showing sky sports) :mad:

Just imagine the price of a pint going up to that much over 20 years!!:eek:

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