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Matchday Live Trial v Portsmouth


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Right then Boys & Girls,

We will be trying something new this weekends game against Portsmouth and depending on the feedback we receive will determine if we continue with it in the future.

For those who were on the DET will remember the match chat they used to do live from the ground, well we will be using the same software although providing updates from the game from our own bedrooms listening to Radio Derby. We will not be repeating the commentary word for word but we will keep you bang upto date with every corner, throw in etc. and possibly a little humour knowing Boycie.

This is aimed more for those Rams fans that live outside the UK or live outside Radio Derby range, we want to try and provide as much detail of what's going on from the game without all the general chitta chatta that usually takes place.

You will be able to comment and have your say by logging in, all comments will be moderated so we don't get random Yessssssssssss or Yanks Out every 2 minutes. I know a few of you had a few gripes at the DET not publishing your comments but we will do our best to keep up and publish as many comments as possible.

You should now beable to see a link to "Matchday Live" on the main menu, we will be sat in our bedrooms nice and early at 2.30pm ready for kick off.

Logging in to Comment

You can follow the chat without logging in with any of the services I'am about to tell you about, however you will not be able to comment and add to the discussion if you do not login.

As this is an outside of vBulletin service we cannot use members logins from this forum, you can however login if you have any of these accounts:




Open ID

When logging in with either of these services nothing will be published to your wall/page, it simply confirms you are a human and gives you a username that can be used in the chat.

If you login using....

Facebook - Your full name will be used in the chat

Twitter - Your Twitter username will be used in the chat

Myspace - Your Myspace username will be used in the chat

Open ID - Your username will be used in the chat

If you have none of these accounts or don't fancy using your full name I recommend signing up for an Open ID account, it's quick and easy to do, just goto http://openid.net create an account using your forum username so we know who you are.

Open ID is becoming more popular across major websites such as the national press as an easy way to quickly login and comment without going through the hassle of filling out a registration form.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to let us know it's a rubbish idea fire away....

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Bare with me Daveo because i'm not the best at computers, although i like the idea of this as i'm at work most Saturdays.

When this is up and running, and i want to make a comment such as "Yanks out", do i login to the chat with my facebook login, or do i have to login to facebook to view the chat.

Or if it's neither of them, what do i do?

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Sorry missed that out, after 2.30pm Saturday

  1. Goto the Matchday Live link on the main menu

  2. Click the play button

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Match Chat

  4. You will see icons for Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Open ID

  5. Click which service you want to login with

  6. It will then redirect you to the service you are trying to login in

  7. It will ask you if you wish to accept, click yes or allow

  8. It will then redirect you back to the Match chat

  9. Make a comment, that will be sent to moderation in the back end where it will either be published or ignored by us

I should of also said that it also works on iPhones so if you have a decent reception from inside the ground or where ever you may be you can also read/comment

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