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Who were the Limo's for at the Forest Game?


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Just wondering - I've never seem limo's pull up to the front reception after a game before, but immedialy after the Forest game last weekend, two Limo's pulled up. Any idea who got into them?

Just hoping for some rich Oil tycoon from the Middle East.

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Last match of the season (Cardiff), we had booked a rams fans dining club thingy. My niece was 3 and she loved Stephen Bywater. Whilst we were walking to the Pedigree suite, 2 stretch limo's pulled up, and about 20 girls piled out of them, all dressed in black and white.

It was someones 40th - or 50th, I can't remember, but what a time they had.

Just so happened, that Bywater was injured that day, he came and had a word with us, had a word with my niece, who was 'starstruck' and did well with all the ladies......it's a good day. If it's your birthday, they give you a bag of goodies, signed birthday card and all that.

So, Alex, alas, it was probably just some fans, making a night of it.

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