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Indian protest

Littleover R

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Found this on another site.

Fantastic Idea in which all young and all can join in.

It's visual and is not abusive in any way.


My mate and I meeting after work in our local were talking about our football clubs dire situation and were thinking that we would like to start some kind of protest that young and all can join in and that is visual but not hurting the team and its efforts in any way. We are Sick of the lack of investment and the spin from the Yank cowboy slick and his GSE pose and in our opinion we have come up with an amusing idea.

I have already stated on this forum in the past that we need some Indians at Derby to thin these cowboys out so here is our idea.

Instead of turning up in an old Derby shirt as someone suggested a few days ago invest instead in a indian as in American indian the Sioux, Black Foot, Appache head gear sort of thing,you no Feathers in hair etc. Steal it of your children, get your children to wear it at the game or Invest of the Internet or the joke shop. We could even ware war paint and woop woop like they do.

Tell you what this would make good tv against Leicester and get the country talking. Hey this could make us global after all. What do you reckon ? Iam going as Jeromino Lol Yanks Out

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