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Makes Me Laugh!


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if you go onto the derby official website, both billy bullsh**ter glick and his little puppet have released statements saying that in the end kris wanted to go hahahahahahahaha


You obviously struggle to read then, since both of them said they would of loved for Commons to sign another deal, they matched what he wanted and it became evident he had other plans so decided on selling now, rather than keeping a unhappy player on for another 6 months earning x amount.

I genuinely cannot believe for one second anyone could doubt they didn't do the right thing.

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A logical, well thought out, objective post - I think not.It is posts like this that make supporters dismiss message boards as the home of wrist slashers plc. How exactly does this post contribute to any reasonable discussion about Derby County?

As an experienced football poster, I can tell you that football messageboards deserve their reputation.

This one has a fair amount of decent discussion. But when it gets busy, logic, reason and adult debate go flying out of the window.

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just because his opinions differ, there,s no need to shoot him down,

remember this is dcfc fans and not det!:mad:

Not this person, though this thread is rubbish imo.

The person running that facebook group is a bit..........well..............slow? Would that be the right word? Trying to describe him without being an a@sehole about it.

He just does a bad job, hes insulted Oakley and Howard before as rejects and i've had a go at him and tried to then tell him what's best if he wants to keep his group fans on there. He doesn't listen though.

Sorry, bit off topic.

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