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Hull City


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Lost today 1-0 to Wigan, they are now only 4 points from the relegation zone, could they go down?

I think it would be a massive shame for the club after what they have done this season, but when you look at the clubs below they have a tough job staying up.

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They'll survive because other teams will be worse.

If anything it will be a battle between them and Stoke.

Middlesbrough are doomed and could potentially finish bottom.

Stoke have great home form but aren't out of the woods.

West Brom are doomed.

Newcastle, Portsmouth and Sunderland are still in deep poo too, but like Hull I don't think they'll go down.

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Newcastle, Boro, Portsmouth Blackburn all have the players to push on in the final few games of the season.

I'd be worried if I was a Hull and Stoke fan, just think all there hard work will come to nothing.

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