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Anyone else struggling to get trains or buses to Bolton


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21 minutes ago, Montezuma said:

2hr trip even from Manchester - should be 45 mins. Was supposed to be one of my easiest away days 😔

Manchester: Tram to Bury. Uber from there. 

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3 minutes ago, Montezuma said:

Is that route better somehow for reaching the stadium? Distance/price wise may as well Uber directly there from Manc.

You’re probably correct, not much in it. We just used to have a few scoops in Bury beforehand and hop over. 

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23 minutes ago, Ram@Lincoln said:

I'll be coming across from north Lincolnshire via Meadowhall with a couple seats spare. Dropping the missus and kids off there then picking up after the match. 

More than welcome to join either party, I'm at the game, they're shopping and watching Barbie.

I went to Meadowhall one day, but it seemed much longer.

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