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Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm


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7 minutes ago, Derbados said:

I can’t believe what I’ve just heard, he’s put us into administration on a gamble of previous buyers coming back in. . . 

im speechless 

Incredible listening, he’s just told Ed he feels for the staff, but didn’t have a long term solution, other than he wants to find a buyer.

Ed then asking a difficult questions about why he’s not communicating. He’s hiding behind non disclosure about his P.R

Then blaming leaks form other side, as to why things emerge. He could easily straighten the record without breaching non disclosure. Sorry it all sounds very shallow.

Bit like his apologies towards the end.


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25 minutes ago, Norman said:

Ed Dawes is doing a good job so far. 

Every time Mel says 'Good question', it translates to 'that's another uncomfortable question, you Bamford' 

or reading from the questions he may have been given to ask but the person answering lol

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