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40 minutes ago, Boycie said:

I hate that phase, I have visions of someone chucking a fiver and the receiver having to pick it up off the floor.

I applaud your donation, don’t get me wrong mate. 👍🏻

What I'd like to know is whether any of the fivers the Stokies were waving at us actually came our way?

I hope they at least gave them to the stewards on the way out! 

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On 19/09/2021 at 04:48, David said:

The news broke as I was sat in the pub with my fiancé, going over wedding plans believe it or not.

Felt like a punch to the gut on so many levels. I've almost become immune now to tabloid stories on possible point deductions, however wasn't prepared for administration. 

I changed the ads on my phone, understanding that administrators would have us down with the milkman at the bottom of the priority list, that's just how it is.

There is a contract in place for the adverts with a notice period which has not been triggered by either side, however I presume the process would allow for immediate termination and have no doubts this will happen.

I have had a great relationship with a number of people at the club, people that will now be in fear of their jobs.

I'm not going to pressurise them for any kind of clarity as I'm sure they will be just as much in the dark as we have been.

Said it on many occasions, no adverts = no forum, it's been great to show you all relevant ads for RamsTV, megastore, tickets etc. 

Maybe it's something that once the administration process is over can resume, I just don't know right now. 

When you were talking wedding plans did she bring up that mysterious lost weekend in Orlando with me? When she told you here “plane was delayed” or is that still a touchy subject? 

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