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Notice to appoint administrators


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6 minutes ago, JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta said:

If we're going to do this we should do it properly. Let's try and rack up the biggest points deduction in a single season in football league history.

-12 for admin

-3 for unpaid wages

-12 for ffp

What else can we do?

If we all pull our pants downs at tomorrow’s game we might get get a few more.

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4 minutes ago, David said:

I feel sick. I had no idea, no pre warning that this was coming.

This is my club. Our club. Gutted. I don't know what to say.

I'm off to get drunk. Very drunk.


At least you can spill the beans from the meeting now. No club to come after you for breaches of the NDA 😂

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11 minutes ago, JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta said:

I dread to think what sort of crack pot we'll end up with as an owner of the likes of Eric Alonso we're on Mel's list of credible buyers.

Quite possible now that MSD will take over. Interesting to see reference to them in the statement. 

Lots of mud slinging to follow. Certainly think we have paid the price for Mel pi$$ing on the inside and then the outside of the EFL tent 

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The amount of people who must have been lied to during this whole façade that's gone on for what now? 18 months or more? It's staggering.

Fans, players, Cocu, Rooney. I feel sorry for each and every one of them. We were painted the picture that the EFL were the enemy, they're the ones we have to blame, we're the victims. Yet we embarrass ourselves on a regular basis, drag our name through the mud, for what reason? To save face temporarily? To make Mel Morris and Stephen Pearce seem like good people, "one of the lads"?

In my opinion, both are completely odious who should be downright ashamed of themselves and any involvement they've had with this Club. I mentioned in another thread that a positive would be having the EFL off our backs and being able to start afresh without a knock-on effect in to next season in the third tier. Another huge benefit will be having these two gone from our Club, and I hope neither dare show their faces again.

I can appreciate good-intentions and effort that doesn't pay off, or naivety that has lead to mistakes. But to turn such a positive position in to something so catastrophic, and then try to blame anybody but themselves is cowardly and disgusting. This Club will go on without them and will be a far better place for it too, good riddance.

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