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Sheffield United tickets


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This a Sheffield United decision based on their view that it’s their category A game which are Derby Red dogs and Barnsley in terms of potential supporters traveling ( which highlights some of the lesser supported teams in the league this year) 

Its a lot of money to watch a few veterans and a lot of youth kids playing in all reality in the bottom bit of the second division 

I will be going mainly to see my mate who is a Blades fan for a few beers beforehand who I haven’t seen since before lockdown without that I wouldn’t be going or paying that amount out of principle ( he has offered me a spare ticket in the Blades kop but I can’t do that! 

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7 minutes ago, SunnyRam said:

That's fair enough, if you can afford to prioritise football then that's great and if you want to pay £37 for a game of football then fine. 

Just annoys me when I see some fans moan about that crazy price but still pay it? There has to be a line somewhere but the issue will never go away if fans still go. 

As you say though, each to their own. I guess those that do complain, but still pay, do so in the knowledge that refusing to pay just means they don’t get to see their team and they achieve nothing. It would take a concerted and well organised boycott campaign to bring about a change. A bit like the extortionate cost of holidays when the schools break up. We all complain but enough people still pay it in the knowledge they don’t have any choice if they want to get away.

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19 hours ago, rad1919 said:

Allocation is 1500.

Charge £37 probably get 800 away fans = about 30k gate receipts.

Charge £20 will sell out easily = 30k gate receipts. Plus double the amount of fans buying over priced food and drink.

I don’t get it?!

I think when you go over £30 it becomes a linear line of will I go, won't I go.

 A few seasons ago I set myself a rule of not paying over £30 (Forest excluded) for an away match and possibly broken it a couple of times - no idea who that was.

£37 makes this decision easy. (especially when you have an extra couple of quid for the booking fee/postage).

So I'd say you'll get a 1000 fans going to this game at £37, but if it was £30, you'd get all 1500 easily. It's a Saturday. So I make that an £8k difference plus the additional food/drink revenue, atmosphere created and so on.

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