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On the Inside with Wayne Rooney


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Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE

"After Derby hold impressive away draw against top table West Brom we take a look behind the scenes at Derby’s training ground. Rio takes a look at his ex team mates role as a manager to see what happens on the inside. From the kit man, to drones and exclusive behind the scenes view of training."

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6 minutes ago, Leeds Ram said:

documentary where the boss' mate goes on the 'inside' and stunningly finds everything is hunky dory at a club that has won 2 games from their last 24 and won once this season. 

I didn't see it advertised anywhere as a documentary. 

Everyone moans that we're always the centre of negative press, yet here we are with one of the games modern greats nipping into Moor Farm, speaking positively about the work Rooney is doing and look at the reaction.

And why does the win stat over this year and last season need to be churned out day after day, last season is gone, it's over.

This season it's clear to see performances have improved and we're sat higher in the table than clubs with far more experienced managers and squads at their disposal. 

When's the guy gonna be given a break? Maybe there is a positive atmosphere behind the scenes, which is great to hear, can we not just enjoy a bit of positivity amongst all the daily doom gloom.

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