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Non-League Football


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Went to Grimsby v Barnet yesterday, £20 a ticket for non league football I thought was a little expensive, however with the pandemic you can understand clubs needing to get some revenue back into the club. Walking out at full time I would have gladly paid £40 for the ticket.

Few minutes into the game Grimsby went 1 up having been awarded a penalty, by far the better team always looking to attack, Barnet bagged 2 just before half time and that only dialled up the volume of Grimsby’s singing end.

Went into the small bar under the main stand at half time, you couldn’t hear any complaining, no derogatory comments about the team, nothing, was bizarre but refreshing. My Derby tattoo was spotted and asked how we’re getting on (said half time was only 15 minutes long), why was I there, all very friendly.

They went 3-1 down, no change, The Pontoon in full voice “We only sing when we’re fishing”, incredible support given the scoreline, took me back to the McClaren days where you still thought we would win this.

Barnet and a player and their manager sent off, Grimsby went on to win 4-3 and by the end the whole ground was absolutely rocking, Alex Hunt on loan from Sheffield Wednesday with the winner, free kick just outside the box in the top bin. Only looks about 12 but turns out he’s a bit of a free kick specialist.

5030 fans, decent number stayed to clap the players off the pitch and see Sousa their right winger get his bottle of Lambrini for man of rage match.

For saying it was a last minute decision to go and take the future father in law, we got some great seats, sat next to some of the younger players and right behind the dugout to see Chris Doig going nuts all game.

Been a few times, but yesterday was right up there for entertainment, glad we went rather than sitting around at home. Get yourselves out there during international break, not all games will be entertaining as this but it really is a refreshing change to just go and enjoy the stress free football.














The winner, 2 mins into stoppage time.


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Oh I forgot, the hot dogs there, wow, non of that happy shopper bun with a tinned hot dog and slice of plastic cheese. They have a gourmet hot dog van, £4 I think this was. The missus approved. (Excuse the cold sore).

My hat, by this point I was a few pints down and couldn’t resist the £2 bargain that quite handy is the same colours 






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I think if Derby ever went completely bust and were no more, I'd start going to watch Truro City. Cornwall's premier club, in Tier 7 of the English football pyramid. They've never been higher than Conference South, and I think probably unlikely to ever do so, but sometimes there's something so much more enjoyable about non-league football than there is with all the bureaucracy and so many football matches now essentially being played out in courts, boardrooms and disciplinary meetings.

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14 minutes ago, dog said:

Mate of mine is a pies supporter. Was thinking of watching the odd game, you've just decided me. Are they all 4:3?

Nope, but Chorley won 9-0 against Gloucester 

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