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Birmingham City vs Derby County Matchday Thread


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Ackkk one mistake. Expensive ! 

We are playing as well as they are. They press well but we are shifting the ball well. Pity the ref didn’t play advantage when we needed it, not helpful. 

Is it too risky to leave Shinnie on now he’s carrying a yellow ? Why doesn’t Ravell get any protection ? Bird is looking more direct and I’m liking Byrne (as usual)  Sky commentating is pretty dull 

Come on lads, dig deep 


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15 minutes ago, Tamworthram said:

I must be missing something. A lot of slagging off of the ref (surprise surprise) but I can’t say that I’ve noticed him being that bad. Perhaps I shouldn’t have had that large glass of whiskey.

Perhaps you should have yourself a glass full of reality.

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Roos did well there. When they obviously beat the press, don't keep messing around, boot it as far as you can.

Better we lose possession like this, than continue to mess around at the back in such a situation and give them a free hit at goal due to a mistake(like we keep seeing!)

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