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Birmingham City vs Derby County Matchday Thread


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21 minutes ago, Carl Sagan said:

A good start but that was frustrating. We did a lot of fannying about at the back with all this "risk and reward" nonsense people hate. But we persisted and played the ball out, breaking the line with a pass out to the right. Maybe to Byrne. But instead of charging forwards as you absolutely must do in that situation to reap the benefits, he just turned immediately back and took the ball back to our defense. It might not have been Byrne, but whoever it was should have the hairdryer thrown at them at half-time.

This fannying about with the ball at the back, always looking backwards, trying to draw opponents on and deliberately put ourselves under pressure, is an absolutely idiotic way of playing unless your team is full of world class stars. I do not understand why we try to do it. We are so very often the architects of our own downfall. Just stop it.

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So obvious that was going to happen.

I don’t blame Buchanan, it’s the manager who thinks we can play like Barcelona with this joke possession play. It was going to happen sooner or later. Why Rooney thinks we have the quality that can play with this possession based style in tight spaces is beyond me. This is the championship for god sake.

Remnants of Cocu ball this. 

we will concede similar goals if Rooney insists we play like this. Players simply do not have the quality to implement his style.


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