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48 minutes ago, JABBA said:

If it’s the Mail reporting 9+3 suspended then I am confident this definitely won’t be the final punishment. They have grossly exaggerated story in this saga remember the 21 point deduction that turned out to be a £100k fine!!!

I've been as critical of the Mail's reporting as anyone else. But I am going to call TRUE on this one. 

It just feels like this is the first report from them that hasn't screamed ridiculous sensationalised nonsense. 

Why would they not do their usual clickbait BS? Because they have some real info this time?

Well that's my though process anyway.

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It's hard to see the upside.

We'd have to assume a DC would give us 12 points, possibly extra for aggravating steve gibson, but we could also the appeal it. I can't help but think if the EFL case was that strong they'd have just charged us.

I'd also assume that in some way accepting the deal allows other things that are in a current limbo to be resolved.

Is the upside perhaps that any potential knock on effects are not going to be "new charges" where it's plausable a vengful EFL would be "gotcha" on a bunch of other stuff. I don't know.

I'm kind of annoyed though, I can't see us surviving on -9. -6 I think we'd have a chance.

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12 minutes ago, Beetroot said:

We'll survive -9 if we can keep the first team fit (big if like). Would prob need Bielik to come back in form too but I'd bet on us scraping through.

highly optimistic i think - haven't checked but a such a deduction probably never been overcome in the past

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9 minutes ago, Jimbo Ram said:

Survive -9 😂 I very much doubt it..


4 minutes ago, Monty said:

highly optimistic i think - haven't checked but a such a deduction probably never been overcome in the past

Why? Apply it now and we're 2 points behind Forest. Forest definitely going down are they?

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Sheffield wednesday ended up with 6 points when they actually cheated, lying about the financial year they sold the stadium in. We on the other hand have used an accounting process that isn’t illegal, that the EFL has decided after approving our use of it that they no longer like. 

Considering the disruption they’ve already caused to the club through embargo’s etc, the fact that if they had said 4 years ago we can’t use that method anymore - we would have had to act accordingly, sell players etc cut costs and the sheffield Wednesday context, Derby should not be accepting anything more than those 6 points for me, as a starting point. 

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A win on Saturday takes us to 10 points. Then deduct nine points and we are on one point, which at this point is the same as Forest.

Plus Peterborough are only on four with Blackpool and Hull on five each.

I think that if this is true and the embargo lifted we may see some free agents and a whole lot of loans in January.

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