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Sheff Utd vs Derby County Matchday Thread (league cup)

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Good break by Derby but Hutchinson takes too long on the ball and his shot is a weak one.


Heavy challenge

Kamil Jozwiak felt that heavy challenge. He stayed down but is now back on his feet.

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sibley close there, sheff attacked .. our keeper out fast to clear really well, straight on the attack for us and sibley just a couple of yards wide...

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Just now, Rev said:

Chris Kamara on Sky is either pished or having a stroke. Hope it's the former.

I thought exactly the same, looked and sounded totally uninterested, like he didn't want to be there!

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Chris Kamara on Sky Sports News. Says Sibley is the star man so far and has gone close twice (though he calls him Silbey). Showed one effort from outside the box that fizzed past the post just a whisker away.

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