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Adventures of Sloth and his band of Merry men.


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Nah, feel free take all the piss now red dogs, it’ll be all the more sweeter when we claw our way out of the relegation zone, and forest get relegated instead. 

it won’t be ‘we only need 10 men’ any more, it’ll be ‘we only need 10 points.’

(only one team gets relegated in the championship right. Oh, 3 you say. poo, see in league one then fellas).

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I have a lot of respect for the way that our players turned up on the pitch yesterday after Friday's devastating news and played their hearts out for the club not knowing when or if they'll get paid again.

I have very little respect for a team whose players suddenly remembered how to play football now they've got their own way and their manager sacked.

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Well, @Red_Dawn, @eezzeetiger and all you unfortunates of the forest alliction - we've given you a sporting 6 point head start.

Lets see how long until we overhaul you, could be 2 games, but i think you'll make an effort and it'll maybe be 4-5 games. And if we do pull ahead, we promise to get another deduction to keep you interested.


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7 hours ago, Red_Dawn said:

On a positive note.. 



Well, surely that is all the motivation the squad need.

"I know we've got to make up eleventy hundred points, but, if we stay up lads, we get to spite a forest fan who bet on us going down."

"Oh that's great wazsa, we were just all about to give up but this has set a fire in our hearts and stirred the iron in our soul. The Ram Invictus breaths in our lungs, beats in our hearts and goes mmmmmm in our loins"

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