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Is this the most depressing period you’ve experienced as a Derby fan?


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The following "periods" or single events were all worse for me.


-The day Brian Clough was sacked. (Didn't Poland knock us out of the World Cup that midweek too?)

-F A Cup Quarter Final Replay to Plymouth, thinking it might be the last ever game.


-Docherty's decimation.

-Bobby Zamora. You just felt the chance had gone for the foreseeable future, and so it proved.

-April 3rd 1976.  As above, it felt like the beginning of the end.


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On 23/07/2021 at 03:54, Allen said:

Supported the team since the Tim Ward era and the worst time for me was the Paul Jewell era. Not only brought in many very poor players but a lot seemed to be pretty obnoxious characters. Can’t think of any other time where I really struggled to name any players I actually liked. At lest that doesn’t apply today.

Also supported the Rams since TIm Ward the worst era for me was Tommy Docherty😱😱 

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Pffttt. Most of my time supporting Derby the club has been a mess. Even when we had the only success i've ever seen at Derby the club was still a mess and then subsequently set a premier league record. The only time it wasn't bad was briefly under Mels tenure and now he's made it worse than ever.

Still won't stop me supporting though. Will still be there even if we're afc Derby in the 12th tier

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