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Man Utd Preseason, the return of the fan

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5 minutes ago, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

We look a bit more organised but essentially still the same...prone to gaffes at the back and toothless up front.

Long way to go though and encouraged by the newer players looking like an improvement on what we had.....just hope we can actually sign them or we will be royally knackered!


Is that because the only strikers we can afford are in their 70s? 🤣

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11 minutes ago, Penelope Pendrex said:

I was under the impression we could sign free agents for up to a year, and loans for 6 months

We're dependent on the EFL's interpretation of their own rules whether we are allowed to sign anyone. DT summarised the situation fairly well. Basically we just have to hope the Chorley game doesn't count.



Because of a coronavirus outbreak at the club's Moor Farm training centre in January, Rooney's side had to field a team of youth players for an FA Cup game against Chorley.

None of the starting XI who played that game have made a senior appearance other than the Chorley game.

Clubs under an embargo who have 23 players of 'professional standing' cannot register players.

If a player of 'professional standing' leaves on loan, it does not free-up an extra spot to sign someone.

The term is defined by the EFL as 'any player who has made one first team appearance (including as a substitute) for any club in any first team competition'.



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3 minutes ago, tombomb said:

How long do we persist with bird? Didn't have a great season last year. Not all the academy kids are gonna be good enough. It feels like he's been labelled as one of the academy successes without actually having done anything good on the pitch bar a brief spell when he was being bigged up by Rooney when he was playing next too him. I really think we need to improve on him and it really shouldnt be that difficult to find someone better. I think bird has found his level. I will get shot down by a few I'm sure, but some people need to take their rose tinted glasses off. Maybe a season on loan in league 1 would do him some good. 


Absolute baalocks!! Watch his performances second half of 19/20 season - that ability doesn’t just disappear 

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Sibbo very lucky not to get booked in a pre-season friendly. He needs to curb it because it seemed last season Rooney didn't trust him. The ref had his card out (rightly) but then for some reason put it away and put his arm around the lad. 

I think some of last season's bookings weren't justified but in this case the player was past him and he just took him down.

Sharpen up, young Louie!

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