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2021 / 2022 New kit

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I really like that shirt, love the extra accent that the blue flash on the sleeves introduce.

I like the promo too, as that's the way most will wear the kit, with jeans to a match. There's enough detail on that shirt to make it look like a fashion t, rather than just a plain football shirt. 

Having said all that,  I will wait for the dark kit (I always do) but would love a black version that retains the blue but has the black and white reversed. 

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2 hours ago, Reggie Greenwood said:

I’m an old fogey and thought fantastic when I saw the shirt Roy Mac was wearing then I saw the hotch potch CKR was wearing and heart sank. It’s dreadful , it’s even the wrong shade of blue as well. Big thumbs down from Reggie the Dinosaur 

Needs to have long sleeves as well 

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